Welcome to my new site! Things are slowly coming together but, as you see, I still have lots to enter! It had been quite a while since building my last site so this one is coming along a little slower than expected. However, I am enjoying giving the site a fresh look.

I have completed a few of the pages and the links to the left will take you to those completed pages. If you arrive on a page, and it has no entries...yup, those are the pages still under construction

Please bear with me as I attempt to make my website easier to navigate and better organized.

I am busy building the site along with working on two WIP, definitely something to keep me occupied every day. Also note my blog site, Karen Ware’s Writer’s Page, is up and running!

Contact me through my blog site or my Facebook page if you have any ideas for my new webpages! Still lots to add! 

Thank you again for stopping by...hopefully these pages will be available soon.


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